If Dr. Shruti has helped you or your loved ones, please share your experience.

The following are comments made by some of my chiropractic and nutrition patients:

“You’re the BEST!!”

“You help me write more and more each time.” -A patient who is unable to even sign his own name without pain and fatigue, due to a long standing peripheral nerve dysfunction.

“My son always feels much better and performs better [in football] after your treatments.”

“I like you the best because you are more thorough..”

“Whatever you did last time was great! It helped so much!”

“Felt better than AMAZING [after the last treatment]” – a patient after their spinal decompression session for insidious onset low back pain with radiation into the glutes bilaterally.

“I am CURED!” – in response to being pain free for a week (and counting) after having been in severe pain for over a few weeks. The patient is currently on vacation and scheduled for a follow up.

“Excellent customer service […] you actually spent time with me during the appointment and I wasn’t left sitting in the waiting room flipping through a magazine.” -At the patient’s last treatment, pain was minimal and posture was improved from initial presentation.

“It [muscle release techniques] always hurts but in a good way and feels better after..” -A patient’s comment regarding the treatment of a specific joint and soft tissue injury due to repetitive strain.

A patient walks into the clinic and does a quick twirl in silence, while expressing a large smile. The patient was indicating that the use of a walking aid was no longer required and their specific treatment plan was going well.

“That supplement you suggested has made a noticeable difference and made my workouts much better.” -A patient experiencing fatigue and difficulty coping with the toll on their body from shift work.

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